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Acosta Consulting LLC provides litigation technology support services to lawyers and law firms. Acosta’s Lit-Tech™ service is led by principal consultant Connie Martin.

Strengthen your case by bringing together the Acosta Consulting team of experienced professionals.  We relieve the stress and worry about courtroom technology and computers that misbehave at the worst possible moment. 


We provide technologists that will fully and seamlessly integrate with your trial team to support you from pretrial planning and preparation to opening statement, into the courtroom for trial presentation, war room preparation and provide creativity and reliable support for your most persuasive closing argument.

Acosta Consulting, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, has a talented team of experienced professionals who have come together to provide the highest levels of trial technology, courtroom technology and graphics support for trial teams across the country.

Meet Our Team

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Connie Martin

Principal Consultant

Connie has over 30 years’ experience in litigation and trial support.  She has supported over 325 trial teams in both state and federal courts across the country.  She has more days in the courtroom than most trial lawyers and has a knack for converting the most complex information into simple, persuasive, comprehensible bits and pieces to ensure that what the trial lawyer is intending to convey is understood by the fact finder.  She brings a unique ability to help create the story that is so necessary to persuasion and favorable outcomes for your clients. 

Having years and years of experience with numerous trial presentation tools, she is adept at making the magic happen…having the right exhibit appear, finding the right clause in the contract…and seamlessly providing what the lawyer and the witness need when they need it…quickly, accurately and with non-distracting exact timing.  She has become a vital part of many trial teams, ensuring that there is at least one less very important worry the trial lawyer needs to be concerned with.   Attentive and prepared, smooth and professional.  Reliable and devoted to a better experience for the client, the trial lawyer and the fact finder.

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