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Trial consulting and courtroom presentation is an exacting service with high stakes for clients and their attorneys.  Sometimes, a client’s very business existence is at risk.  Sometimes a physician’s license to practice medicine is at stake.  Patience, professionalism under pressure and experience in hundreds of trials make us equal to the task.  Our trial technicians have years (even decades) of experience supporting lawyers with evidence presentation in trials, arbitrations, hearings, and mock trials. Instilling the confidence of trial lawyers in the technician’s skill level, demeanor and expertise, we have been the go-to support for over 30 years.  Providing calm, professional service at a time when it is most needed, ensuring that the presentation will be reliable, smooth, professional and seamless are hallmarks of our long years of experience providing professional trial technician services.

Trial Preparation
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Preparing for trial is a stressful, high demand time.  We provide the continuity to get your trial team through the long days and nights of trial with an expert level of support you can depend on when the pressure is on.  We can be an extra set of hands (or ten!) when you need:

  • Preparation of graphics to facilitate opening statements and closing arguments

  • Creation of demonstrative exhibits for use with witnesses and experts

  • Video designations created for playback in lieu of live testimony

  • Impeachment clips created for immediate and reliable access

  • Assistance with witness preparation for clarifying technologically challenging principles and concepts, reviewing exhibits and familiarizing witnesses with the process of trial examination

  • Database creation to enable immediate access to needed trial exhibits, deposition exhibits, pleadings or testimony and demonstrative exhibits

  • Daily courtroom "hot seat" support to facilitate quick, reliable and professional witness examination. 


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Trial schedules are demanding. Not only do you work long days in the courtroom, you work long nights in the war room.  We have the skills, experience and stamina to work beside you day and night.  Preparation for the next days’ witnesses is an ongoing challenge – demanding long hours and the willingness to persevere, no matter how many revisions are required.  We’ve had decades – and thousands of hours – supporting even the most demanding trial schedules.  You can count on us to be beside you through it all.


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  • IT provision in the courtroom – providing needed audio-visual equipment and interface devices to ensure a reliable, smooth presentation

  • IT provision in the war room – providing needed printers, copiers, war room logistics including firewalls for security and convenience devices such as additional computer monitors

  • Setup and takedown of audio-visual equipment both in court and in the war room


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Coast to coast, small towns, big cities, varying degrees of security in the courthouse, even limited power availability in antiquated courtrooms…you name it, we’ve accommodated it.  We will make sure you have what you need when you need it…reliably, professionally, consistently.


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Whether you are a “regular Zoomer” or totally unaccustomed to virtual litigation proceedings, we will ensure you have the technology you need at your fingertips.  Partnering with you to provide professional, persuasive legal presentations can be a challenge when faced with the temperamental remote proceedings we’ve all grown accustomed to.  Call on us to support the persuasive presentation of evidence, deposition testimony and demonstrative exhibits when remote/virtual proceedings are mandated by the court of jurisdiction. 


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Our hallmark is reliability.  Trial is not a time to have equipment failures.  Building in redundancy is crucial.  We ensure that the equipment in both the courtroom and the war room works so you can focus on the demands you have in trial, without unnecessary distractions.


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Whether you need impeachment clips you can count on at that critical moment, or you need full video editing support to playback a trial deposition in lieu of live testimony, we have decades of experience ensuring smooth, efficient, professional-looking video playback services.

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